May 2017: Independent Publishing Now!

Monday, May 15, 2017
Posted by: Caitlin Walker

Shadelandhouse Modern Press’CrimeSong: True Crime Stories from Southern Murder Ballads has been listed as a 2016 Foreword Indies Book Awards finalist in the True Crime Category. It also won two IPPY Book Awards: a silver medal for Regional Southeast Nonfiction and a bronze medal for National Book Cover Nonfiction. The book, written by law professor Richard H. Underwood, resurrects twenty-four southern murder ballads which are presented through news articles, headline accounts and engaging prose. The book also dispels many of the urban legends surrounding these crimes in a “sometimes-sad, sometimes-humorous look at ballads that have preserved a part of America’s crazed, violent history” (Kirkus Reviews). Underwood’s new book, Gaslight Lawyers: Criminal Trials & Exploits in Gilded Age New York, is scheduled to be released in Sept.