Doris Settles

DORIS SETTLES learned to love gardening from both of her grandmothers. As an Extension Master Gardener in Kentucky, she has volunteered her time teaching others the joys of digging in the dirt. She chaired the Master Gardener Speakers Bureau for several years and speaks frequently to community groups. Her most recent book is Leira Clara’s Flowers. Settles is also the author of Understanding i-Kids (Pelican Publishing 2011),  Understanding i-Kids Classroom Workbook (Pelican Publishing 2012), and Prohibition in Bardstown: Bourbon, Bootlegging and Saloons (History Press 2016). Settles lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband, Bill—and a quite spoiled Pomeranian—where she can be found digging in her garden and processing the fruits of her gardening labors.