I T  WA S  A  N I G H T  F I T  F O R  DA N C I N G

Sandi Keaton-Wilson

It was a night fit for dancing 

with Neptune in the moonlight 

that February eve 

when sequins fell from his robe 

and stardust covered 

the white lace lawn 

starched crisp 


our feet.


I turned and twirled 

in slippers made of glass 

or ice so cold I could not 

pause, for fear of 

becoming frozen in motion 

like the childhood game 

of Swinging Statues— 

left to stand a statue 

until someone 

came along 




                 heart. ❖ 

From No Shroud of Silence (Shadelandhouse Modern Press, September 2018), Sandi Keaton-Wilson. Copyright © 2019 by Sandi Keaton-Wildon. For permission requests, contact [email protected]  “It Was A Night Fit For Dancing” appeared in Peasus (Kentucky State Poetry Society).

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